Multivitamins: Good or Bad?

Are you one of the many Americans who takes some sort of multivitamin daily? More than half of the United states adult population take some sort of multivitamin. Although it seems like a healthy practice, in this article they discuss the lack of benefits from taking multivitamins.

Multivitamins are a $12 Billion dollar industry

Multivitamins are a $12 Billion dollar industry.

One study gave nearly 6,000 men older than 65 a multivitamin or a placebo for 12 years. The men were then administered cognitive functioning tests, the tests showed no difference between the two groups of men. However, these men had relatively good diets going into and throughout the duration of the study. This can not be said about the general population of the United States.

Another study took 1,700 patients who previously had heart attacks. They were given three multivitamins or placebos two times a day for five years. Unfortunately more than 50 percent of patients stopped taking their medication. So it was tough to get an accurate conclusion about the positive or negative effects of taking a multivitamin.

Meta-analysis of 27 studies that had more than 450,000 participants showed that multivitamins did not have any beneficial effects on stopping cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Two thirds of the United States population is overweight. This coincides with poor diet and not receiving the nutrients your body needs to be healthy. So for some Americans a multivitamin is a, “backstop against our poor diet,” said Gladys Block, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at University of California Berkeley.

The vitamin and supplement industry makes almost 12 billion dollars annually. Multivitamins are by far its most popular product.

Although multivitamins do fill in the gaps of a poor diet, they do not necessarily work better than a good, balanced diet. There is still much debate about the effectiveness of using such vitamins with little conclusive evidence of whether or not they help or hurt humans.


via Tyde Pavlinik

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