3-D Printing & Medicine

tyde-pavlinik-3d-printingIt is no doubt that 3-D printing is revolutionizing the world we live in today but it is specifically improving healthcare in many ways. Whether it is printing a new ear for a child born with a deformity or making an entire leg for a wounded veteran, 3-D printing is bridging the gap of what we believed was possible to what we can accomplish in healthcare.

For those not familiar with 3-D printing and how it operates let me tell you. 3-D printing involves printing in layers and thus making a three dimensional and operational piece of useful technology. There are different classes for 3-D printing ranging from ones you can purchase for at home use to large printers used for corporations. The possibilities are endless with a 3-D printer and professionals and new users alike are pushing the limits of what can be produced everyday

For a little while now 3-D printing has been only thought of working on the exterior of the human body but it is slowly working its way to being incorporated into under the skin procedures. Whether its custom knee caps or a new rip that will replace a broken one, 3-D printing can help just about anyone. There have been unsuccessful organ printings as well. These printed organs such as hearts and kidneys eliminates the waiting period of being on a donor list. This process can save thousands and or even millions of lives. With the elimination of a donor list people will receive custom and perfect organs or other necessary items to improve their health.

The next step is to make real living organs and not just place holders that can mimic the function of an organ comprised of tissue, fat, blood, etc. The medical industry is making huge leaps forward and there are certainly big things on the horizon where everyone will have the chance to get the medical care they need no matter how large it might be. The is much hope to be had.


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