Nebraska Medicine Heals Hearts


Nebraska Medicine’s New Program

A recent program at Nebraska Medicine is making amazing strides by helping to heal damaged hearts and keeping patients alive even in the darkest hours. The hospital helped a patient recently go from complete heart failure to making a full recovery.

So what is Nebraska Medicine’s trick? The hospital is using a technology called ECMO. The machine is set for patients that are on the brink of death or may have even died a few times while be cared for and there may be no other options. Patients remain hooked up to the machine for days or even weeks while they make miraculous recoveries stunning doctors and hospital personnel.

Michael Crowe is one such example that had a heart anomaly that would have required a heart transplant. However after being attached to the machine for 17 days, Michael received an ultrasound on the same day he was to receive his new heart and shockingly enough, the beats were normal and his heart was healing. Michael’s success is helping other patients with similar conditions and are in need of desperate help.

Patients from all over and even out of the state are starting to flock to the hospital and meet with the experience professionals and Michael to learn more about the miraculous procedure that saved Michael from and almost certain death.

Nebraska medicine has also made the information that the ECMO technology to initiate and transfer patients is available at Bryan Memorial in Lincoln, Nebraska as well as Good Samaritan in Kearney, also in Nebraska.

via Tyde Pavlinik


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