The latest blog post from Tyde Pavlinik: Russia’s Cromos Launches New Cardiology Site

tyde-pavlinik-russia-cardiologyLocated in Moscow, Russia, Cromos Pharma has just recently launched a new project called Cardiorus. Cardiorus is a cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery site research organization or better known as “SRO.” The SRO will be based at the Bakoulev Center of Cardiovascular Surgery in Moscow.

Russia is not exactly known for their expertise in health care or medicine but the CRO will will not only provide administrative services, but also logistical & project management support, but also quality assurance and training in addition to oversight services for Cardiorus.

Cromos CEO Dr. Vlad Bogin was quoted in saying “Unlike in the US, site research organization are a rarity in Russia and in the post-soviet countries. For instance, we recently opened the first dermatology SRO in Russia late last year.”

Bogin believes that there could be more of a trend on the horizon for other organizations to establish their own SROs. This example is expected to be the start of a rise in russian SROs. Bogin also believes that more medical institutions in Russia will get involved in clinical trials to bring in additional income. They will also do this to increase the standard of care for patients and enhance their medical reputations on a global scale.

The rise in SROs will most likely call for partnerships and working together between multiple organizations depending on the size of each project and the organizing company. The positives are definitely clear to see as Cardiorus has yielded an internal audit system, the creation and implementation of a set of standard operating procedures, as well as the ability to regularly and appropriately train the center’s support staff.

Russia will most likely stand as an example to other countries looking to do that same and improve their overall care and administrative procedures. More and more trails will allow for more concrete procedures and the process will thus become more streamlined.

via Tyde Pavlinik


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