Philips Cardiology Solution

tyde-pavlinik-IntelliSpace-CardiovascularPhilips recently launched a new revolutionary application for cardiovascular medical professionals. The web-enabled image and information management system is known as IntelliSpace Cardiovascular. The application is a single and fully integrated workspace that provides a thorough and full view of patient’s health on an individual and unique basis. This new tool gives cardiologists an all in one system to help diagnose problems and provide carefully executed solutions for better care.

The new tool provides doctors with a much more streamlined and efficient way of caring for patients while increasing positive outlooks. Doctors in possession of IntelliSpace Cardiovascular can view the patient’s entire history from their diagnosis to therapy and everything in between. No longer will unnecessary tests or reporting be done as all the information is in one centralized location.

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular will be used to help improve the workflow of patients involved in cardiovascular treatments from anywhere. There is another very important technology found within the new application. There is a built in echocardiography reporting feature that gives cardiologists the ability to properly identify and eliminate any problems or inaccuracies within the reports.

There are many built in features that come standard with IntelliSpace Cardiovascular. Some of the features include access to a vast array of data which includes discrete information regarding a patient’s condition. There are also analytics tools used to compile and organize data into manageable and searchable materials. The data will be able to be read by doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and background researchers. This new technological advancement will keep everything buttoned up and allow the professionals more time to care for patients.

via Tyde Pavlinik


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