The latest blog post from Tyde Pavlinik: Re-Vamping Kottayam Cardiology Department

tyde-pavlinik-kottayam-cardiologyKottayam Medical College in Kottayam is getting some much needed help from the government of Kerala. The Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery will be transformed soon enough with new technology and equipment. There will soon be the Regional Cardiology Center in the model of the Ahmedabad centre.

The Secretary of the Health Department is responsible for conducting the feasibility study. T.K. Jayakumar and Dr. V.L. Jayaprakash are two other officers appointed to the project to move it along.

The new Department of Cardiology will get it’s autonomy if and only if it is made into the Regional Cardiology Centre. The central government will also be helping with funding for the project to provide better facilities and technology for healthcare use. Another major positive with the new project is the ability of the Medical College being able to offer more post-graduate course related to cardiology and cardiac surgery. Which will be extremely useful in the region.

Currently the Kottayam Medical College Hospital is responsible for most of the cardiac surgeries, angiograms, and angioplasties conducted in the government sector in the state. The hospital has also been given approval to conduct heart transplants.

Currently the hospital/medical college relies on a 10-year-old cath lab for angiogram and angioplasty procedures. Many patients rely on the Medical College for its health practices and are generally from Pathanamthitta, Idukki, Alappuzha, Kollam, Ernakulam and Thrissur districts.

The Department of Cardiology at the Medical College has two distinct wings. The Medical College has asked for the creation of the posts of a professor, an associate professor and two assistant professors. The government has yet to decide on the request. The Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery spans 65,000 square feet of space in three floors. The space can accommodate about 200 patients at a given time. There are a total of 40 beds in the intensive care unit and 25 beds in the postoperative intensive care unit.

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