The latest blog post from Tyde Pavlinik: 200 People Examined at Cardiology Camp

tyde-pavlinik-cardiologyOn July 5th, 2015 200 patients were examined at a cardiology camp located in Maratha Basti, Trikuta Nagar. The camp was organized by the Department of Cardiology as well as organized under the umbrella of CHILDLINE (an initiative of Ministry of Women and Child Development), Law Department, University of Jammu.. The examination included men, women, and children.

The doctors that led the examination were Dr. Sushil Sharma, Dr. Nasir Choudhary, Dr. Mohi Kalsotra, Dr. D. Kapoor, as well as some supporting staff like Waryam Singh, Kashmiri Lal, and numerous volunteers. These volunteers helped out extreme amounts by lending their time and hands to a worthy cause.

Among the testing and helpful advice given to patients by doctors Dr. Sushil Sharma strongly urged patients to be as clean as possible and real watch their personal hygiene. Sharma urged them to drink pure and clean water, eat healthy foods and nutritional supplements, and screened them of any diseases particularly the menace of rheumatic heart diseases and congenital diseases by birth. These diseases are extremely prevalent among the population of the area. Sharma was quoted in saying, “If this disease is acquired by child, it goes on for a lifelong Rheumatic heart disease for the patient. Ensuring good health to these children shall bring down burden of cardiac ailments.”

The camp also conducted physical examinations and investigations, blood tests, thyroid tests, and ECG testings. The organizations involved in the camp doled out extra medicine for particularly needy patients.

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