The latest blog post from Tyde Pavlinik: Blood Pressure & Risk

tyde-pavlinik-blood-pressureWe’ve all been told by our doctors that high blood pressure is not healthy. We need to keep calm, eat healthy, exercise, and destress. High blood pressure is known to affect the heart as well as other vital organs. You should always be conscious of how your blood pressure is doing so you can appropriately monitor it and remain healthy.

According to a new study fluctuating blood pressure can be more closely tied with cardiovascular disease and even death. Researchers used data that they collected from over 25,000 people that participated in a study on hypertension. The researchers took seven blood pressure readings during months 6 to 28 of the study. They even followed the patients for 2.8 years (average) after the trails were complete.

The study found that people compared with others in the lowest ⅕ for variability in systolic blood pressure readings, those in the highest ⅕ were 30% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease or experience a non-fatal heart attack. Thats not all thought, researchers also found out that this population was 46% more likely to have a stroke, 25% more likely to have heart failure, and 58% more likely to die from any cause. In the tests, the researchers accounted for sex, age, race, diabetes, smoking, and more factors.

Paul Muntnrer, a professor of Epidemiology at the university of Alabama at Birmingham, and lead author was quoted in saying, “We usually use average blood pressure as a measure, because reducing that has led to reduced risk. The fluctuations get dismissed. But variability in blood pressure appears to be a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and it may be an important thing for doctors to look at.”


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