The latest blog post from Tyde Pavlinik: Philips Will Showcase Cardiology Solutions

royal-philipsThe company Royal Philips, a leader in technology and medical equipment officially announced its presence at ESC Congress 2015. This news was highly anticipated as many are expecting big news from the company and are sure to not be disappointed. Philips will be showing off its most recent cardiology based solutions, including the Heart Model A.I., EchoNavigator, and IntelliSpace Cardiovascular. The new products coming out of Philips are a major enhancement in the process of connecting people and technology to care for patients better, assist in diagnosis’, guide treatments, and enable better home care.

The Philips booth number at the ESC Congress is #G200. all visitors to the booth will experience Philips’ unique approach to cardiovascular treatment and care. They will be showing off their one of a kind digital tools and capabilities for image guided therapy & ultrasound, intravascular imaging and sensing, treatment. They will also be showcasing their technology centered around patient monitoring, healthcare IT and advanced software applications driving advancements in predictive and precision medicine in cardiovascular care

Bert van Meurs, General Manager, Image Guided Therapy for Philips was recently interviewed and was quoted on the company’s technology and their involvement in the ESC Congress by saying, “holistic cardiovascular care looks beyond the disease to understand what really matters for all involved along the patient journey.” Meurs went on to say “Our patient-centric solutions enable novel and effective minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. These solutions also support physicians when assessing disease states, help decide and guide the right treatment and confirm whether interventions were successful. In addition, our recent acquisition of Volcano will increase our capabilities to deliver this support to both physicians and patients.”

For those of you that are not familiar with ESC Congress, it is the largest and most influential cardiology event in the entire world. This congress is the center stage and showing ground for all of the best, most-noteworthy, and important industry innovations. For the duration of the event Philips will be participating in multiple symposiums as well as personal hands-on tutorials for anatomical intelligence and peri-interventional imaging. They will also be discussing their most recent and up-to-date advances in diagnostic and interventional echo.

Heart Model A.I., the newest ultrasound technology coming out of Philips is sure to turn heads with its proprietary technology. Heart Model A.I. features automated 3D views, large scale reproducibility, and the best quantification to cardiac ultrasound imaging. I’m definitely excited to hear more news surrounding the new technology and how it can lead to massive advancements in cardiology healthcare.

Below are some of the main pieces of technology that Philips will be showing off and discussing at their booth and their symposiums.

Heart Model A.I.:

This new technology is part of a huge suite of new tools and technologies. The system is designed to enhance automation and reproducibility, and helps to meet ideas about the most critical strains on high volume hospitals and healthcare organizations.

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular:

This technology gives access to a huge and expansive range of images. These images include a cardiac history timeline that provides a high-level overview of a patient’s long-term health care process.

Minicare 1-20 Acute:

This Philips based technology is a unique system that provides top of the line healthcare information and data. Minicare delivers an extremely user friendly, handheld, platform that allows clinical diagnosis results for blood testing within minutes of inception.

I’m really happy to learn about all this new technology and excited to see what else Philips has up their sleeve.

Thank you for reading!

Tyde Pavlinik

via Tyde Pavlinik

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